Kutiyana Memon Association has been rendering its services in the field of education for more than 50 years. At present there are four schools functioning with six sections, accommodating about 6500 students. The school was set up primarily to cater to the educational needs of Pakistani children especially from low-income families. The managing committee had in view a broad based education facility, providing comprehensive education in the light of Islamic dictates.

The KMA has maintained high educational record in the metric board of education and had received laurels and applause constantly from the citizens of Karachi, but then came the unfortunate Nationalization¬Ě of the schools and colleges in 1972.

This nationalization brought the downfall of educational standard of the country, which was a complete negative point for the future generation. After thirteen years under state control, the school was handed back to  the original sponsors but in a shape that was indeed debilitating and pathetic. It has since taken the tireless and dedicated efforts of many individuals to revitalize the school.

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